Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing your natural item from MGK Designs. Please take a couple of minutes to read over this page so your item can be protected for as long as possible.

When moving your item, be careful not to drop or bang it against other items as corners could become chipped. Some items are very heavy and correct lifting techniques and equipment are recommended when moving and lifting stone.

Make sure your item is placed on even ground so that it doesn’t rock, as this could result in damage. Ground should also be firm where possible to avoid items sinking into soft ground and the weight becoming unevenly distributed.

Positioning of an item will also have an impact on how the item weathers. If it is placed in a damp, shaded area of the garden it will turn green and become covered in algae a lot quicker than if it is placed in the sunlight and/or in the dry area of the garden. If a glass or mug is placed onto the stone, this could result in it becoming stained, the same as natural wood.

Stone left out in the elements will change colour as air pollution and algae settle onto it. This is part of the ageing process and is unavoidable if items are left outside.

If you find your stone item has turned green and you want to get the worst of it off, if you want to give it a freshen-up or if it has become covered in algae and turned slimy, there are simple ways you can clean the stone which will take off all of the surface algae and slime. It will not get the item looking brand new again, but this is part of the natural stone process that makes every item individual.

Wooden items- if they require cleaning they should be wiped down with a damp cloth. Using tools to scrape off things like bird droppings could result in splintering or removal of finish.

Glass can be cleaned using household glass cleaner and a cloth. Make sure the glass is completely dry to avoid any streaks which might appear.

Stone can be cleaned using a bleach and water solution mixed at a ratio of 20 parts water and 1 part bleach. Once mixed, use a stiff brush to clean the stone using the bleach solution. Once you have gone over the item, rinse it off with clean water. You may need to repeat this process again depending on how dirty the item is.

It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT use a pressure washer on any items as this could result in the jet cutting into the stone and scarring it. Also, if there is lettering on an item, be careful that when brushing it you don’t remove the leafing (colour in the letters) by scrubbing across this. If possible avoid brushing this area.

If these few steps are followed then the items you have ordered should last for many years and over time weather into the situated environment they are placed in.
If you have any after-care questions, please email with the enquiry and we will do our utmost to assist you.

Please feel free to leave a review and like our Facebook page. Once again thank you for your custom.