Stone colours
Due to the fact that the stones used are from a natural source we cannot guarantee that the colour or the pattern in the picture will match the colour or pattern of the products you receive. We do guarantee that the stone items customers receive will be from the same quarry that the stones in our pictures are from (unless stated by the client). This change of colour and pattern will add to the uniqueness of the product.

Wood colours
Due to the fact that the timber we use is a natural and not man-made, we cannot guarantee that the colour or the patterns in the grain in the pictures will match the colour and grain patterns you receive. We can guarantee that it has come from the same type as items in the pictures have. This change of colour and grain pattern will add to the uniqueness of the product.

Measurement provided to us by customers
If customers provide sizes for items they must be in mm. All sizes must be provided in writing (or email) before work on item is started, and any extra costs for materials or labour time will be the responsibility of the client and payment of terms will remain the same as stated under terms and conditions.
MGK designs will not be held responsible for any measurements taken incorrectly and will produce all designs to either sizes specified by the client or the standard sizes which items are originally made to.

Hand carving using power tools
All our items are described as carved by hand. Where this is stated it is meant a person produces the item using a combination of hand tools and power grinders. Although these are electric they are still controlled by the individual creating your item and it is their skill which is producing the finished products. When we refer to hand carved it is meant that items are all done by hand and not using computer-guided machine which do all of the work after someone puts all the sizes and dimensions in and presses go.

Colours for letters
The colours for the letters are standard gold, silver, brass, copper, black and natural (uncoloured). The colour you receive may look different to the colour in our pictures but they are both from the same supplier. If a customer requests a colour which we don’t, supply the nearest possible colour match will be used and if a sample is provided it will be colour matched to this. Samples of colour cannot be returned.

Locally sourced materials
The sandstone we use as standard is from the Spynie Quarry. We can produce items in other sand stone if this is what the customer requires. This will be done on a case by case design and may have to be sourced from a quarry which isn’t local to the company. Any additional cost will be charged to the client but they will be made aware of these costs before stone orders are placed at the quarry.
The timber used is from James Jones’ sawmill in Mosstodloch. We cannot guarantee that it is from the surrounding area, but it is sourced from a local supplier who uses sustainable sources. We use pine which is either pressure treated at the saw mill or stained by ourselves. We can source other types of wood if this is required by the client. Any additional costs will be covered by the clients but the clients will be made aware of these prior to ordering from the saw mill.